Corporate Identity / Media Planing

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Corporate Identity

A corporate mark should be meaningful, easily identifiable, and most important, timeless. In creating a professional identity, we explore the inner workings of a company and define what it is that makes them unique. Through style and graphics, we summarize our client's line of business into a single form.

Printed material such as catalogs, brochures, and sales kits-
- Corporate logos and graphics.
- 3-D graphics.
- Multimedia presentations and Web Sit design
- TV & Radio commercial
- Packaging

Media Planning

Combining raw data with creativity and know-how to achieve results.

You can't harness the power of the media without a plan. We begin by answering some basic questions: Who are we targeting? What is the objective? When is optimum time to deliver that message? Where will it appear? How will it be implemented?

At Royal Image we get those answers by first gaining an in-depth knowledge of our client's business model. This includes their products, services, value proposition, marketplace, competition, and business and advertising objectives. Prospects are identified based on thorough research, client input and our own experience and insight. We then consider and evaluate all approaches - the traditional and the unconventional - based on their strengths, limitations and likely contribution to the total media package.

From all this, we devise a media strategy with clearly defined goals and objectives. It's a strategy that directly supports the overall business & marketing plan. We utilize the most effective and efficient tactics to reach the target audience.